Storify: RIP Paul Walker

paulI chose to Storify the passing of Paul Walker which happened on Saturday November 30th. The reason I chose this subject is due to the fact that it was current seeing as it took place 2 days ago, but mainly because of the popularity of the subject when this happened. By population I mean, the out pour of  sympathy from fans, celebrities, as well as his costars, and coverage on almost every media outlet and website. It is clearly a horrific event which took place and I wanted to capture his life, his most memorable career choices in film, as well as his passing. Storify taught me to search the internet and use specific types of media depending on what I wanted to portray. For instance Twitter, and Facebook for coverage and reactions from the public, YouTube for videos, Google and Google+ for images and clips without sound. It is an interesting outlet to show different sides of a story with a range of multimedia tools. Very enjoyable and useful tool to use in the future.

The link below will connect you to the Storify which has created to Remember the late Paul Walker.