Live Blogging the American Music Awards

I chose to liveblog this years American Music Awards. With the theater packed with a slew of entertainers and fans the show was sure to be a hit. Everyone listens to music so teh AMAs were sure to appeal to a large audience no matter what their preference in genre; Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, or Country.

Liveblogging the AMAs taught me the importance of doing research beforehand. Before the AMAs began I studied a list of nominees and categories as well as presenters and performers who would be making their way to the stage for the evenings excitement. It definitely helped in knowing how to properly spell their names, having a bit of background on their previous AMA appearances and any controversy surrounding them; for instance Miley Cyrus.

To make the liveblog lively, I not only included my own commentary, but videos of the host, the best and worst AMA moments and Rihanna (who won the Icon Award). I wanted to catch the viewers up to date with any important and relevant information. From then on I continued by including comments, and tweets from others watching the AMAs as well as fashion bloggers talking about anything from Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis’ speech surrounding Trayvon Martin to Rihanna’s hairstyle of the night.

Definitely enjoyed the experience of liveblogging this event and sharing it with those who were incapable of catching the eventful night.


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